We have some large goals and opportunities ahead and would like to invite you to join us in being a world changer. Maybe you’ve been looking for the opportunity to partner with an organization that is making a difference in people’s lives and the world. We believe with your partnership, our goals are achievable. No amount is too small. 100% of the proceeds go directly toward this program. 

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“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” Luke 10:2
We are focusing on equipping church leaders to be “Disciple Makers.”

In 2012, we created a platform that allows us to connect with local leaders in order to train and equip them so that they can become world changers for Christ and inspire the next generations to continue the change. Each year, we conduct several training and conferences to develop the leaders in the areas of medical, environmental, and economic projects, while teaching them to use their existing resources and encouraging collaboration in order to make a difference in their communities. In 2016, we started a program called “Kids Club Madagascar.” 
We started with 150 children, most of which live in the slums of Madagascar. It is a program inviting local schools, churches, and groups to focus on raising children and youth to have good ethics, ambition, and to be an active member of their community by bringing changes while using their talents and abilities. As part of this program, we also meet with their parents/ guardians regularly, equipping them on how to raise children to be world changers and how to build “God-centered families”. The clubs meet once a week during the school year. We also lead several projects with these clubs, from tree planting to community-wide cleaning, as well as clothes and food drives. We now have several clubs around Madagascar reaching out to about 3000 children/youth and counting. We want to train more leaders from all over Madagascar so that they can implement these programs in their communities. It is our goal to train 2,000 more leaders within the next 18 months and equip them with materials they need in order to implement this program within their community efficiently while ensuring sustainability. It is quite a huge undertaking, but seeing the successes from previous years, we are confident that this program will be able to continue making a difference, one community at a time. We are targeting the most secluded villages; therefore, it requires much more resources especially in terms of transportation and equipment for us to go to them or vice-versa. Most of these leaders, mainly farmers who make between $1 to $3 a day, come from far away villages which require them to walk between 4 to 7 days to attend our conferences. Because of their sacrifices and hunger to learn, we are inspired to support them in any way we can. At the rate we are growing, we are very much in need of a bigger training facility. Our current facility can only hold up to 15 to 20 people at a time, which limits the number of leaders we can train at any given time. To address this, we are in the process of moving to a larger facility in which we can train and equip 100 to 150 leaders at a time and provide them with the necessary materials. This facility is also able to host multiple guest speakers and trainers from abroad. It is in a prime location that reduces travel time and expense, allowing attendees and trainers to make the most of the opportunity.

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Let Kids Be Kids
Community Assistance
Farming Projects
$150 buys 200-250 clothing items

to distribute in the community and orphanages we visit during each mission trip. We give these items away mainly to children, elders and single moms.
This program helps us support different schools. We encourage children to stay in school and maintain good grades. Those who have shown dedication and improvement will get a full year of school supplies.
$5 buys school supply for 1 student for an entire year
The majority of rural families are farmers so they rely heavily on agriculture and livestock farming. 

$60 buys 6 laying egg chickens including supplies and maintenance.
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